This past Sunday, my friend invited my daughter, Willow, to go sledding with her kids at Roosevelt Elementary School in Yakima. It was a blast; the kids went sledding down the school's hill on their sledding board. Hey, it's a fun outdoor activity for the kids that will let them burn off some of that energy, and it's FREE!

Where do you like to take your kids sledding in the Yakima Valley? And where can you buy a sled? (A friend of mine said she's looked everywhere and sledding boards are all sold out.)

Here are the top four places I could think of to take your kids sledding!

  • Roosevelt Elementary (Yakima)

    120 N. 16th Ave.
    Google Street View
  • Selah High School

    801 N. First St.
  • Franklin Park (Yakima)

    Google Street View
  • West Valley Junior High

    7505 Zier Road
    Google Street View