Yeti. Sasquatch. Bigfoot. Is he out there? Somewhere? Enthusiasts think so – and they want you know that YOU should wear a mask when out and about in the great Northwest wilderness, so Mr. and Mrs. Foot won’t get Corona.

They seem to be very protective of the alleged big beast.

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Their concern is born from all the recent activity in our great outdoors as we have been attempting to ward off quarantine fatigue by enjoying nature. With all of us lowlanders enjoying the woods here in Washington, Big Foot enthusiasts are concerned about us, passing on ‘Rona to their revered beast.

We are not even sure if they are susceptible to the disease or not. Perhaps one should examine a Yeti to see if they are truly susceptible to Corona. If any Mr. or Mrs. Foots are reading this, perhaps they could volunteer as tribute.

“They see the change,” said Todd Standing, a B.C. sasquatch researcher who took the government to court two years ago for not recognizing bigfoot’s existence (he lost). “I'm seeing animals moving slowly out and, you know, kind of taking the territory back. It's almost like... nature is fighting back from the human virus.”

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But he notes that us humans could infect one of their revered beasts. So, his advice? When in the woods, all alone or with friends – you need to protect Mr. or Mrs. Foot, by wearing a mask when in their habitat. Although he can’t give an exact location (or general location for that matter) of any of Mr. or Mrs. Foot, he is adamant that we must wear a mask when in the woods.

In the meantime, we continue to ask questions. Such as, if a Yeti falls in the woods, does it complain that we are not wearing a masks?

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