We all have fears. Fear of change. Fear of public speaking. Fear of the unknown. More recently there has been a fear of getting a certain disease.

My fears? I hate bugs. I loathe scorpions. This may be hard to believe, but I have a fear and anxiety when in social gatherings. I know - I am weird. We all have them in some fashion.


Our Greatest Fears Nationwide In Order Are…

Fear of heights

Fear of bugs, snakes or spiders

Fear of closed spaces

Fear of flying

Fear of the dark

So what do fears look like for Yakima? I have a list. It’s not scientific, but I assume it’s somewhat accurate. Hehe, assume…

See if this list is makes sense. Or doesn’t.


Biggest Yakima Fears

Beer runs out

Cheese Zombies are revealed to be actually be “Crack” Bread

All Coffee houses are now Kale Houses

You have kids, and you lose your WIFI

Bale Breaker moves to Idaho

That 'Yakima -The Palm Springs Of Washington" sign falls down


Getting Majors and Minors Confused

Jay Inslee

That spinning basketball guy will lose his balance and fall into traffic on Nob Hill

A wind gust will blow away your 5 year old


A ban on sprinklers (cause, Yakimans looooooove to sprinkle)

All Dairy Queens close – forever

Fry Sauce will be mandated to be called “Thousand Island Sauce”

Our Hops Fields are turned into Brussel Sprout Fields

That Gap in Union Gap

Masks will never go away

Zero bars on your device


…and finally, Yakima’s greatest fear?

(KIT’s) Dave Ettl Forgets His Pants – again.

1280 KIT/Disney - Dave Ettl/Sam The Eagle
1280 KIT/Disney - Dave Ettl/Sam The Eagle

All My Best In Conquering Your Fears,

The JimShow

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