Michele reported in her Bi-Mart Nashville Minute this morning that Blake Shelton had recently told People Magazine that he's a "one drink man"... he said; "I have one drink, and it's Sprite Zero and vodka."

When she mentioned that this morning, I was kinda shocked.  I always figured he'd be a dark whiskey on the rocks kind of guy.  Me personally, I have never liked dark alcohol.  I've tried it, but just don't care for it (I know, that's a sin to some LOL). But that IS my exact drink of choice -- Sprite Zero and vodka. Sprite Zero for the zero calories and vodka... well, because it goes best with it. I'll usually throw a splash of cranberry on there, too. Get the big ol' bottle of vodka from Costco, a 12-pack of Sprite Zero and I'm a happy camper ha-ha.

Every now and then I'll drink some Bud Light, but usually only when I'm camping or doing work on the house or yard.


I typically have a fridge stocked like this young lady, but I just moved and haven't gotten my Sprite Zero game back to normal yet.

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