Believe it or not, in Washington state there are some people, who, in the year 2024, yearn for the Little House on the Prairie lifestyle days of the late 1800s. Some call themselves "preppers", others might refer to themselves as homesteaders or "off-gridders."

The only way you'll get me to commit to living life off the grid is if I get to throw pie dough in my mean neighbor's face, otherwise, I'll be "roughing" it in the big city, thank you very much!


Folks who like to live life off the grid...

...Don't want to worry about relying on the government for services like water, sewage, garbage, and gas.

...Don't want paved roads.

...Will generate their own electricity, too, thank you very much.

...You'll have to "leave them a message after the tone- BEEP!" because either their cell phone reception is bad out there in the sticks, or they still have a landline phone (attached to one of them things we used to use in the olden days: AN ANSWERING MACHINE).

...Trap, hunt, and fish for their meals, make homemade preserves to store up food, plus they'll freeze and can their own batches of provisions.

...Nature is their back yard and front yards.

...Might have their home equipped with a DVD player, or perhaps a ham radio, and dare I say it out loud, a CELL PHONE. They might have satellite TV, too, but that's only so they can keep up with the news when they feel like they have to.

Living Off the Grid
loading... surveyed 3,000 people who are currently hunting down a new place to settle, some place where they'll feel free to live off the grid in peace.

"In these challenging times, many are looking to reconnect with nature and live more sustainably. Our survey highlights the top destinations for those ready to take the leap into off-grid living, offering diverse and inspiring options across the country." - Sam Allcock of

These are the top three "off the grid" choices on the list for Washington State:


#3: Stevens County: Founded in 1863

City of Colville in Stevens County

Stevens County is # 126 on the list. Cities in Stevens County include Colville, Loon Lake, Suncrest, Chewelah, Springdale, Kettle Falls, Bossburg, Rice, Valley, Marcus, and Newport.


#2: Jefferson County: Founded in 1852

City of Port Townsend in Jefferson County

Jefferson County is #76 on the list. Cities in Jefferson County include Port Townsend, Brinnon, Marrowstone, Quilcene, Port Ludlow, and Port Hadlock-Irondale.

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#1: Okanogan County: Founded in 1888

City of Brewster in Okanogan County

Okanogan County is #70 on the list. Cities in Okanogan County include Elmer City, Nespelem, Conconully, Oroville, Molson, Riverside, Brewster, Tonasket, Loomis, Pateros, Twisp, Omak, North Omak, Wauconda, Methow, Winthrop, Bodie, and Okanogan.



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