Earlier today, Gov. Inslee announced a State Wide Order that ALL citizens will be required to face coverings / masks in all public places. Read more about it here.

Gov. Inslee also stated that an order will go to private businesses that ALL workers will be required that ALL workers to wear a mask at all times stating "When you wear a mask, it means you care about others."

Gov. Inslee said that the orders will be signed on Friday and stated that NOT wearing is enforceable as a misdemeanor and is fineable. The fines could be "thousands of dollars". Further more their business license to operate could be at risk for "non-compliance".

It needs to be stated that some consider this order unconstitutional as requiring someone to wear something against their will, is a basic breach of freedom.

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Gov. Inslee did answer a question from a reporter about why citizens we not given the choice to wear or not. Inslee stated that people have the choice, but the order to protect those more vunerable. No standard was given as to who is vunerable and who is not.

According to Gov. Inslee's order, there are a few exceptions to NOT wearing face covering with his order. If you have a repository illness, the hard of hearing / deaf, and children under five are exempt from his order.

As of this writing following Gov. Inslees press conference, the governors website had not yet been updated with all the details and timelines. Will update those when we receive them.

Yakima County was mentioned over a dozen times during the press event as Gov. Inslee stated Yakima was "epicenter" of COVID for the state of Washington.

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