Brett Eldredge had a startling encounter with a bear who was casually ransacking part of the garage in the house where he was staying, and he caught it on video. The country singer turned to social media to share a stunning clip of his "new friend."

Eldredge shared the clip below via Instagram on Wednesday (Sept. 8), depicting a bear who has entered the very front of the open garage in a house in Asheville, N.C., where he proceeds to get on his back legs and tip over a trash can.

The singer and some unseen friends are talking to the bear in the background of the clip, with Eldredge trying to get the bear to leave, while another bystander seems stunned as he asks, "What the hell's going on ... Is that a bear?"

"Opened the garage door to go on a hike and had a new friend waiting to say hello," Eldredge writes to accompany the surprising footage.

The bear doesn't seem too spooked by Eldredge or his friends, but as the brief video ends, he does appear to nonchalantly turn to exit the garage.

The video elicited some excited responses from Eldredge's social media followers, including one humorous post from Morgan Evans, who writes, "BRO! Be careful! We got a tour to do!!! Haha."

Eldredge will return to touring on his Good Day Tour, which is set to launch in Cleveland, Ohio, on Sept. 16. The 21-date U.S. tour features Evans as his support act.

“The Good Day Tour will by far be the most appreciative and grateful experience of my career because I miss playing music so much ... The Good Day Tour is going to bring a lot of joy to people, and one of those especially being me, because I cannot wait," Eldredge said in a press release announcing the tour in June of 2021. "We’re gonna show the world what it feels like to be alive again, and I’m gonna kiss that stage when I walk on it every night, because there’s nothing like it and I’ll never let it go."

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