How to Fight Coronavirus With Immune Boosters
Coronavirus fears are widespread, and with good reason. The virus is growing at what feels like an exponential rate as each person with it passes it along to two or more others. In fact, the rate of infection is between 25% and 35%. And while scientists are working around the clock to contain the vi…
Super Bowl Party: Plant-Based Party Everyone Will Enjoy
For some people, the Super Bowl is about watching the best teams battle for the trophy. For others, it is the entertainment value of the commercials (I’m looking at you, Subaru - those adorable Labrador retrievers driving cars!). A third group watches for the half time show, and can&…
On the Map
Yakima is making news again and this time we've seemed to have got the attention of MSNBC's host Rachel Maddow.
Rachel's show featured the recent Yakima deportation meeting that was spotlighted in the Yakima Herald.