Was at Costco in Union Gap yesterday and was completely puzzled. What’s with all the panic buying?!?

I saw nothing but bottles of water, toilet paper and Ramen noodles from every cart that exited the very busy Costco in Union on a Tuesday Early afternoon. But why water bottles? Is there a threat of our water being threatened? I must have missed a memo because last I checked, most of us still have safe and pretty good tasting Yakima water straight from the tap. Thanks to the fine folks at Yakima City Public Works.


I know I am the guy that always says “Luck Favors The Prepared”. That’s a good rule to live by. It’s another thing to panic buy. That seems to be the case here.

With Gov Inslees new 4 week shutdown orders, we are pretty much going back to Phase 1.5. Coupled with the uneasiness of the national election still not fully settled, the media once again seems to be whipping us into a frenzy. Sending us into a panic to buy more water, toilet paper (this one really confuses me because toilet paper has no connection with Covid). So earlier this year a study revealed a very interesting insight as to why we are buying toilet paper in bulk.


Those most likely to panic buy toilet paper, were found to be more emotional, more conscientious, and more fearful of the ‘Rona.

You can read more about it detail here https://www.sciencealert.com/study-finds-just-the-kind-of-people-who-were-panic-buying-all-of-the-toilet-paper

The finding reveals that panic buying is an expression of concern for friends and family during hard times. Why? Because we feel helpless in this regard. So, we buy stuff like TP, water and Ramen to ease our senses. In other words, logic can be overridden and emotion takes its place and we purchase items to help us feel less helpless and more empowered.


That actually makes sense. So go buy your TP, Water and Ramen, whatever you do - but don’t panic. We know it never hurts to have those things around. Even better idea? Wash your hands, keep all things around you clean and be responsible.

Now that, makes sense, and costs allot less than a 24-pack of TP.


All My Best,

The JimShow

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