I saw this photo that a friend of mine posted on Facebook and thought it was funny.

It never occurred to me that driving a stick shift had become a lost art until I tried to teach my son Logan to drive my pickup last fall -- it was a complete disaster.

The first car I owned was a '73 Mercury Capri and it was a manual transmission so I had to learn to drive that or I would've been walking.

I still own a car and a truck that are stick shift but eventually I had to break down and buy my son a Honda Accord with an automatic transmission.

stick shift

Do you realize in a report done by US World and News Report, that only 5% of vehicles sold today have manual transmissions?

That is a crazy number as when I was a younger, it was a given that you had to learn how to drive a stick shift.

I know my wife struggles and grinds the gears but can at least move my truck if she had to.

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