It's a good question and now we can answer it for you.

Many years ago, we as a nation were scared of Anthrax because it could be mailed to you and you could be exposed to it.

It seems with the new COVID-19, that seems like a logical question to be asked:

Can I get COVID-19 from opening mail or packages?

Thanks to our friends at the Walla Walla County Emergency Management, this is what they had to stay about the transmission of COVID-19 through the mail.

COVID-19 has mostly spread person to person, which is why we are socially distancing ourselves and staying at least six feet away from each other. The virus can live on hard surfaces for a while but would be very unlikely to live on paper or cardboard for long enough to infect you through the mail.

Always best to be safe than sorry but now we know its highly unlikely you can get COVID-19 through the mail.

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