I am looking forward to it. I will set foot on California soil again for a brief weekend visit. One promise I make to you, I will DE-fumigate myself first thing after I set foot back at the Yakima airport to protect you from any Cali germs, or Cali ethos for that matter.

We are cramming a lot into our visit. Visit my daughters, a birthday party, a dinner with Lisa’s family, meet a new born niece that was born during ‘Rona, see some more friends and take care of some business while there.

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It’s been 9 months since I have seen my daughters. We have tried to get together, but with travel restrictions, and their busy schedules, it’s been frustrating.

My youngest is 17 and she is still changing looks wise in those months since I have last seen her. She will graduate, then it’s off to college. She is looking at schools in Washington. Crossing my fingers. My oldest is working in her Doctorate in Psychology. Kenny Chesney was right, ‘Don’t Blink’' - right?

Daughters 4

We also have a birthday party we will be attending with just a few people. My concern? ‘Rona is rampant in Central California. I asked an odd question the other day of our friend who invited us. I said we were honored and would be there, but “Will there be cake?” My friend said, “What?” “Anyone blowing out candles?” He laughed. “No”, he chuckled. “It’s a candle-less cake.” Don’t want that Cali ‘Rona blowing around all over me.

So, we will spend part of the trip dodging Cali ‘Rona and catching up with friends. Back in Yakima Monday afternoon. Back at work Tuesday morning with a full report.

Love my Cali roots, but Washington is my home now. Even though I am not a full-fledged Seahawks Fan yet, I am proud to say - I am a Washingtonian.


All My Best,

The JimShow

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