If anyone can figure out how to be the cool mom, it's gotta be Carrie Underwood.

After all, the country music superstar quite visibly excels at her demanding career while raising two kids — Isaiah, 5, and 23-month-old Jacob — with her husband, former NHL player Mike Fisher.

But beyond wearing multiple hats in the present, Underwood predicts that her young sons will come to view her as quite the cool mom in the coming years -- at least, that's what the entertainer recently expressed in an Apple Music interview. Because, for real, how did the singer end up with a perfect family and job?

"I think it was more of a, like, I can have it all," Underwood tells Zane Lowe about her family-and-career balancing act. "I can do that. Why not? I feel like I'm naive in a lot of ways, and I jump into big situations all the time, but somehow they always pay off because it's like, 'I can do this. I can figure it out.'"

She continues, "Getting married and starting a family, you see some women in the music industry talk about how they chose not to have a family because they're focused so much on their career. I took the opposite route, and I'm like, I can have it all. I had my son, Jake, and three months later, we had our first show on the Cry Pretty Tour. I was like, 'I can do this,' and we made it through. By the end of it, I felt like I could do anything because I managed to juggle having a 4-year-old, 5-year-old on the road and a 3-month-old baby and my husband."

That doesn't mean Underwood's road to happiness hasn't been paved with a lot of hard work. Still, in covering all the bases in both her family life and her very public vocation, the singer thinks her boys will eventually appreciate her dashing knack as a do-it-all mother.

"I would come offstage," Underwood adds, "and I'd wipe my glitter off my face, and then I'd feed my baby and try to get him to sleep because we were going to do it all again tomorrow, but it was so worth it. And I also love that my kids are hopefully going to remember some of these times and be like, 'Wow, my mom was Mom, but she was also that,' which is such a cool, cool thought to have."

Apart from her recent My Gift Christmas album and TV special, Underwood also livened up 2020 with an ACM Awards Entertainer of the Year win, a new Sunday Night Football theme and a "Remind Me" redux with Brad Paisley.

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