If you had Carrie Underwood firing off rounds from a handgun while wearing a denim and leather mini skirt on your bingo card for 2022, then cross it off.

The singer can been seen firing five rounds on husband Mike Fisher's Instagram page. She has a her back turned, and we never see her target, so we can't confirm Fisher's assessment that she's a "sharp shooter." Laced up, black military-style boots and a black T-shirt complete her ensemble for a date night, per her husband. Both hands grip the firearm and she looks locked onto whatever it is she's aiming at.

"When @carrieunderwood wants to practice as part of our date night you never say no," the former hockey player writes.

There has been a burst of Underwood-related activity on Fisher's Instagram page this week. After not posting for several months, he shared video of an air horn prank on his wife on Wednesday (Sept. 14). Watch that full video at the top of this article, but the TL;DR version is that he saw her jogging and scared her with his truck's horn, and we all had a good laugh about it.

Underwood's page has been a bit more on brand for her goals as a musician and entrepreneur lately. Last Sunday, she revealed the video for her newest Sunday Night Football open on NBC. She also embraced several CMA Awards nominations and posted photos from concerts.

Currently, the "Ghost Story" singer is ramping up for the start of her Demin & Rhinestones Tour, which begins in October in South Carolina (find tickets here).

Fisher and Underwood have been married for 12 years and have two children together. While she has never listed guns as a hobby or interest, she's never voiced a dislike of the sport, either. Her husband is an avid hunter, something she silently objects to only because she's a vegetarian.

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