The spooky time of year is finally upon us, Halloween is quickly coming up, kids are picking out costumes, adults are getting ready to decorate their homes, and stores are finally putting out their goblin and ghoul decorations. This means it's time for you to get into the holiday spirit, with some of the scariest movies, Washington has to offer.

That's right, these horror movies are based right here in the Evergreen State, some were even filmed here in Washington. Before we get to this list we suggest if you're scared easily have a buddy to watch these with or someone at least on speed dial for when you need someone to talk you down. Alright, let's get into the list!

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5.) The Vanishing

A man is obsessed with finding out what happened to the love of his life, after stopping at a gas station in Washington she goes missing never to be seen again. Kiefer Sutherland plays the hero looking for his love for over 3 years. After desperate attempts to plead with the public to help him find her or just know that she's okay a stranger (Jeff Bridges) shows up offering some insight as he was the one who took her. How far will the hero go to find out what happened to the love of his life? He goes through everything she does letting the killer take full control to show him.

4.) Rose Red

Written by Stephen King the true king of horror novels, Rose Red follows a college professor who assembles a team of Psychics to investigate the mansion known as Rose Red. The eerie thing about this movie is it's not the ghosts that haunt the house, but the house itself that is possessed and looking to make a victim out of anyone brave enough who steps onto the grounds.

3.) Practical Magic

Following two sisters raised by their eccentric aunts quickly learn that they themselves along with their family are Witches. The girls are plagued by a curse to never find love and are kept close in a small close minded town in Washington State. Willing to do whatever it takes to save the men they loved and their own lives they'll tamper with magic out of their control.

2.) Green Room 

When a punk rock band in Washington witnesses a devastating murder after being on stage, they try to make a run for it, but skinheads look to take out anyone who witnessed the murder to make sure they stay out of trouble, now these young kids have to fight to survive. The scariest part is Sir Patrick Stewart playing the stoic neo nazi looking to hunt them down.

1.) The Ring

One of the most Iconic horror movies in the early 2000s was filled right here in Washington with a good amount of it filmed on Whidbey Island and other dark damp places around the state. If you haven't heard of the movie, it tells the story of a videotape, that once watched gives the viewers only 7 days to live. What makes it worse? When you're told through the phone right after watching. Even worse, the same terrifying girl from the video crawls through your tv screen to get you.


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