All Five Seasons of The Muppet Show are Now on Disney+
It's time to play the music. It's time to light the lights. It's time to download Disney+ to watch The Muppet Show tonight. The Muppet Show was a classic variety show that would feature sketches, comedy skits, songs and a lot more usually involving that week's special guest who would often be a movie star or musical artist of the time...
5 Famous People From Yakima. My Plan to play Golf With 4 of Them!
I'm not sure why it's always fascinating to people when they find out that a famous person, whether a professional athlete or actor or author or serial killer just happens to hail from a small town. By virtue of sheer numbers of people, odds are more likely that the Big Apple would produce more Big Wigs than the nation's best 'Apple Town'...
Nostalgic TV Ads in Yakima From the 80’s [VIDEO]
Feeling nostalgic? Take a gander at this YouTube video I stumbled across that features a bunch of Yakima business's television advertisements. Since I've lived here for the vast majority of my life, I suspect that most of these were aired in the late 80's to early 90's.
I admit it. I am a lover of food. My waistline shows it. I'm not a connoisseur or credentialed critic and I'm perhaps not even to the level of  foodie. However, if my love of enjoying delicious food, cooking and watching the Food Network way too much is an indicator, I'm well on my way gourmand glory...
Fans of ‘Twin Peaks’ Buy Landmark Diner in North Bend
If you're a fan of the show Twin Peaks and have been to North Bend, there's one filming location that sticks out more than others in the area. Twede's Cafe (Double R Diner in the tv show) has been a staple tourist attraction and favorite diner of many locals in North Bend. Though fans may opt for a slice of cherry pie with a cup of coffee (black, of course) they feature several other menu items fr

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