With public pools closed, lots of people are looking for home options.  But above-ground pools aren't always the most attractive things to put in your yard.

So, apparently, the new trend is:  Buying a large steel CATTLE TROUGH and using it as a pool.  The troughs work like above-ground pools, plus they have a sort of rustic farmhouse look that works with some people's hipster design style.


The key here is decorating and customizing the trough to cater to your personailty. Skies the limit here! This is great way to stay cool during the summer, while decorating, showing off your style and looks much better than an above ground pool!

Here's a great example of what a trough in your backyard could look like. Simple. Easy. A perfect DIY project. Pintrest is filled with them. Sounds like a great summer project!


If you're interested, the cattle troughs cost around $300 to $600. 



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