Looking to cool off in the summer heat in your birthday suit, most places like public pools or parks would land you in jail. However, after some thorough research and thousands of person-hours, we finally found five places you can bare it all and take a dip in the water.

Like we said in a lot of places this is illegal, so if you plan on skinny dipping or enjoying your birthday suit out in the wild of Washington you'll want to do your research or visit the five places on this list. This is just for the fun of going all-natural and enjoying a nice refreshing dip in the water.

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5.) Lake Bronson Family Nudist Park

Located in Sultan Washington this is an actual nudist community that welcomes others to enjoy their lake and park activities. They have a full schedule and calendar up of when people are welcome to go take a dip.

4.) Spokane River near Post Falls

This one isn't a park for nudists but instead, an area filled with people skinny dipping and even taking part in nude suntanning. It's understood that everyone receives their own privacy and gives others space while they enjoy the outdoors in the skin god gave them.

3.) Denny Blain Park

This secluded beach is located in Seattle, funny enough there's more than enough seclusion to make it clothing optional. One of the only clothing-optional beaches in Seattle and people take advantage of it. Going for skinny dipping or doing nude barbecuing.

2.) Loon Lake 

Located in Loon Lake, Wa, Loon lake is a community that allows nudity in its waters. This is a family park so it's good to be on your best behavior, go for your swim, and hang out with friends. Rude behavior will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.

1.) Tiger Mountain Nudist park

This nudist park welcomes everyone of all ages and walks of life to join in on their events and concerts. They have a full list of events you're welcome to join in on and of course a lake you're welcome to swim in.

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