Tomorrow, two of my best friends will tie the knot -- Cefus and Kristina.

Rik and I are privileged to be a part of the wedding party -- myself as a bridesmaid and Rik as a groomsman.

It's extra special for me for a couple of reasons:

I was there the night the two lovebirds met ... well, the first meeting that Cefus remembers. They had actually met prior at the fair. In true awkward Cefus fashion, this is how it went down ...

Cefus (sticking his hand out to shake Kristina's hand): "Hi, I'm Micah Cawley. Nice to meet you"

Kristina (shaking Cefus' hand): "I'm Kristina and we've met before. We met at the fair. I was with my friend Alyssa."

Cefus: "Oh ... We should be friends on Facebook."

Kristina: "We are friends on Facebook."

Cefus: "Ummm ... OK. You wanna dance?"

Kristina: "Sure"

The two danced, and as the night went on, I could see the spark between them.

Witnessing the beginning of the relationship and now being a part of the wedding is like a full circle thing for me. It's truly very special.

Due to my friendship or mothering/work wife relationship with Cefus, I've become close friends with Kristina. She is like the little sister I never had but always wanted!

I love them both dearly in different ways. I wish them love and lifelong happiness. I'm looking forward to what comes next ... baby in a baby carriage!