June is typically the month for weddings but post-covid, that is changing!

If you want to have your wedding in town here in the Yakima Valley there are so many amazing places to choose from. Want to have your reception catered with a large crowd? There's the Hackett Ranch out in West Valley or that beautiful, scenic location in Naches.

Need to serve delicious food to a big, hungry group of guests? Consider hiring a food truck or a taco truck instead of hiring a traditional caterer.

Your wedding photographer needs to have some experience but you can also take a risk on a young up-and-coming artist looking for their big break. You will not only save money, you can also be the catalyst that starts a local protege!

The dancing at your reception must be memorable and that means you need a DJ who is going to keep the crowd hype. I recommend you take a chance on someone just starting out, you will save a little bit of money and also support the inclusion of new wedding DJs to the fold. I was once a new wedding DJ and even though there were some cringe moments during my set, I have now become a part of the wedding stories of many newlyweds here in the Valley.

I have seen some cringy photos lately of wedding moments that should soon be forgotten, unfortunately for them, the internet lives on!

Check out the photo of the wedding party posed in front of PORTA POTTIES, that was the cringiest wedding photo I think I've ever seen.

There was also the bridezilla who demanded her would-be wedding photographer had to bring their own food, not take any breaks, and a whole lot more!

Too funny (and cringey).

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