.The world is weird today, especially by the standards and rules that many of us were taught growing up. Like, "don't take rides from strangers", and "be careful who you talk to on the phone/internet". Well, forget those rules, I need an Uber! I'm going to contact a stranger and get a ride from them and fingers crossed that he/she is not a serial killer. Those rules may have not aged well, but what about the rule "never take candy from a stranger"? That one still seems to hold up, unless of course it's Halloween, and then you go to random houses to get the tasty treats. Holiday's aside, I feel that that is a very important rule. So important that, this past Saturday I had to remind a little one to "not take candy from a stranger", (me, I was that stranger). I found the whole encounter so amusing, I needed to share it with you!

I'm doing my job running music and emceeing a wedding for my friends Mr. & Mrs. Scott. During the reception, the guests were doing their thing, cocktail hour was going, so I'm sitting back at my little DJ table and I'm eating M&M's. Yes, if you were wondering, I was eating and attempting to break the world record for stacking the candies.

Next thing I know, a little kid, probably around 4-years old comes up to my table. I am nice, and I greet him. Most kids at these type of things, are bored, and no one to talk to. So they come and see my computer, so they want to see what I'm doing. Not my first rodeo, and depending on the kid's age, I like to think that maybe I might inspire them to get into music in some form or fashion one day. This kid, did not care about music! He wanted only one thing!

He saw me eating my M&M's, and wanted one. Now, I have to admit, his parents did some things great with raising him, and some things still need work. His manners were amazing! This kid had "please & thank you" down! But, coming up to a random person and asking for candy? They should go over that lesson a few more times.

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The Conversation, Verbatim!

Me: "Hey buddy, what cha doin'?"

Kid: "What are you eating?"

Me: "M&M's"

Kid: "Can I have one?"

Me: "Nooooo." (Nicely said).

Kid: "Please." (Pouty lip included).

Me: "Do you know me?"

Kid: (Shakes his head side to side slowly, responding in a No).

Me: "Did your parents teach you about taking candy from a stranger?"

Kid: (Shakes his head up & down slowly, responding in a Yes).

Me: "Then I can't give one to you, because I'm a stranger."

Kid: "Pretty please!"

Me: "Noooo, I'm sorry buddy, go dance, go play".

I truly felt bad. But then I started to think about what if I would have given the kid candy. First off, I'm a chubbier guy. It wouldn't hurt me to not eat all of my candy. Then again, there were a lot of kids at the wedding, and I give one kid some, then they're all going to want some. I didn't have that many. Then probably the scariest part, they were Peanut M&M's. What if the kid had a peanut allergy! Thankfully, because of that reason right there, I'm glad I didn't.


But On The Other Hand!

I then started thinking, what if i did give that kid candy. What would his life have turned into. He would have a level of trust that would know no bounds. "Hey, can I borrow $10? I'll pay you back!" That kid would probably say sure and trust that he'd get his money back! Or maybe "This date is going fine, I just have to run to the bathroom real quick!" That kid would think she's coming right back, and then get stood up! Or maybe "Hey, this guy has a free bicycle in his van, it'll be fine, I got candy from a DJ one time, and it was the best!" Hopefully by me breaking his little candy loving heart this early in life, I helped teach him a valuable lesson. Not just about trust, but about strangers! I think maybe next time, I'll just mix a bowl full of skittles and M&M's and let kids take handfuls of the candy and eat them all at once... that's a gross level of trust I had to learn early on! "M&ittles" are not a good tasting candy combination!

Why, out of all the candy I chose to eat that day, why was it M&M's... simple, it was hot out, and they melt in your mouth, not in your hand. I've always loved M&M's. Even when I have many other choices, like at the movies! Are they my top favorite for the movies? Find out!

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