Our hearts melt as Cheerios helps teach the concept of family to a little girl in their Super Bowl 2014 commercial, "Gracie".

Sure, they might not be loaded in sugar or coated in frosting as some of our other favorites, but Cheerios have always been the most well-known of cereal brands that we can remember. For Cheerios' Super Bowl 2014 commercial, the cereal helps remind us just how important breakfast truly is. And it's not just for properly helping us start out our day with a balanced breakfast. Breakfast is the earliest part of the day that we can spend time with our families and openly talk to them. With both the meal itself and having morning talks with our families, Cheerios can help keep things simple.

In the commercial, a father is sitting with his young daughter at the kitchen table. The father uses pieces of Cheerios to help visualize the concept of the family unit to his daughter. He slides a Cheerio piece up in front of his daughter on the table, and a second one, as he explains that their family consists of him and the girl's mother. The daughter slides another Cheerio piece next to the two Cheerios representing the couple, showing that she understands her place in the family. Then, the father uses a fourth piece to represent Gracie's unborn brother that is soon on the way. The girl, understanding how much things will change by having a baby brother (but showing a little disdain knowing that she won't be the center of attention anymore), brings yet another Cheerio to the group, asking for a puppy. Bravo, Cheerios.

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