Next month the annual Point in Time survey to count homeless in the county happens as social service organizations work the help the homeless find shelter. In fact officials at Yakima Neighborhood Health Services is now converting the Yakima Valley Inn motel on North First Street into housing for homeless. Many homeless in Yakima live by the Yakima River and use services at the Yakima Union Gospel Mission.

The former motel will be a new home for many in Yakima

The shelter will be for those who are chronically homeless. Last year the number of chronically homelessness households who were unsheltered increased by 13%, or 14 individuals, from the previous year.  Chronically homeless is defined as an individual with a disability who lives either in a place not meant for human habitation, a safe haven, or in an emergency shelter.

The number of chronically homeless growing in Washington state

In 2022, there was a large number of individuals who were counted, but not surveyed which is required for there to be a classification of Chronically Homeless. Even with 23% of the population not being surveyed, 231 individuals were identified as being chronically homeless -a 5% increase from 2021. The Chronically Homeless population represents 42% of the overall homeless population in Yakima County.

The Point in Time Survey is set to happen next month

The 2023 Point in Time Survey is set to happen next month. Information from the survey helps organizations gain local, state and federal grants to help the homeless.

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