In the first of Coca Cola's 2013 Super Bowl commercials we meet a man traveling the desert with a camel. In the distance is a giant bottle of Coke.

Is it a mirage? It's unclear, but as he gets closer he sees that a group of cowboys have also spotted the over-sized beverage. And so have a gang of 'Mad Max'-style marauders.

Next a bus full of showgirls speeds toward the sugary oasis. These ladies come armed with a glitter cannon and are not afraid to use it. Yup, things are getting weird.

When the odd collection reaches the bottle, they realize it's actually a billboard for a spot 50 miles away. The race will continue in the next ad, and you get to vote on who you would like to ultimately win by going to Coke's website. Who do you think will win the race?


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