We've all met 'em: stage parents. And usually, our opinions of them aren't too high.

But what if one of them has a child who really IS a prodigy of some sort? Or at least has some marketable talents? That seems to be the case in this week's Couples Court proceedings ... 

Dear Rik and Michele:
My husband is upset with me because of the amount of auditions and modeling jobs our 4-year-old son is going to. He makes almost $1,000 a month working on the weekends, and I'm using some of the money for his college fund.
"Austin" can sing, dance and act. He is a triple threat like Justin Timberlake. My husband thinks I am taking advantage of our son. He thinks I need to let him be a kid. I disagree. What do you think? Is what I am doing wrong?


If a 4-year-old can bring home $1,000 a month, it'd be hard to resist the temptation to cash in, wouldn't it? On the other hand, is all this in his best long-term interest?

Tricky questions for Judge Michele Mathews and the Bull Pen jury. What say you?

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