Everybody wants to be healthy, right? And most people would agree that a sensible diet helps.

But at Halloween? Isn't that the night for indulging in all the candy and sugary treats you want?

It's not a simple question for this week's Couples Court litigants ...

Dear Rik and Michele:

My family is embroiled in a feud over what to hand out on Halloween. Me and my teen girls are very health conscious and want to hand out apples and dried fruit such as bananas, figs and prunes. My husband and younger kids think that is a horrible idea because no one will want it and the food will just get tossed.

My husband says handing out healthy fruit will make the kids targets for bullying and may also lead to our house getting toilet-papered and egged. He and the young ones want to hand out nothing but calorie-filled sugary snacks.

FYI: There is no compromise in this house. Can you ask your audience what they think we should hand out and who they agree with? Do kids hate fruit?

Hmm. Lots to digest here, eh, jurors?

Chew on it tonight and we'll see you in Judge Michele Mathews' courtroom Thursday morning.

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