I stumbled across this post on Craigslist's "missed connections" the other day. It felt a little gross, but intriguing as well.

The ad was titled, "To My Niece:"

First of all, I know this is a bit "icky" and I'm sure I'm bound to get replies about how gross I am. Whatever. Before this, I would have been one of those people calling me gross. So I get it. But I needed to get it off my chest.

We aren't blood related (slightly less icky), but I've been in your life for awhile now. You have become one of the most beautiful, funny, intelligent and independent women I know. I'm proud of all your accomplishments and I love the opportunities I get to be around you and talk to you. We text occasionally, but I try to limit how much I do that. But over the last few years, I find myself being extremely attracted to you. I find myself very nervous around you now. You're intoxicating. Nothing will ever happen. And I won't ever do anything, but I just needed somewhere to get this off my chest.

Now, I have a cousin who was adopted, so he's technically not blood related. But he's still my COUSIN!

It might be a little different if you didn't grow up together or are step-related.

Do you think not being blood-related makes this OK? Or is it gross?

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