Being from the Apple Capital of the World, I thought it would be a good idea to take the brand-new Crown Royal Apple for a taste test. Having bought it on sale in Washington state (where it's still very expensive), I'm glad I wasn't disappointed.

The green box comes with a gold seal leading you to their signature cloth bag that is colored green instead of purple for the Regal Apple edition. The whiskey is strong with the sweet smell of a Gala apple. I enjoy my whiskey on the rocks with a splash of water to take the edge off. Good stuff, I tell ya.

In deep h2o had these recommendations for your pallet

Crown Royal Regal Apple recipes:

Candy Apple
1oz of Crown Royal Apple
0.5 oz of Crow Royal Maple
*Mix in a shaker with ice to chill before serving

Crownberry Apple
6oz Cup of ice
1.5oz of Crown Royal Apple
4oz of Cranberry Juice
*garnish with an apple slice

Big Apple
1.5oz Crown Royal Apple
1oz Sweet Vermouth
1 dash of Angostora Bitters
*Shake over ice and serve with a cherry garnish