Update: The Kangaroo has been found!


Imagine driving down the road and all of a sudden you see a kangaroo hop out of a van and take off! Yep! That just happened in Monroe, Washington and authorities are asking for the publics help

Duvall, Washington was quick to respond

The young red kangaroo reportedly hopped out of a van Tuesday at about 6 a.m. in the 300 block of West Main Street and made its getaway, according to Monroe police.

Those potty breaks will get you every time. Apparently, that's how the little one was able to hop right out of the area and go on a great adventure. Fingers and toes crossed that no one, including the hopper, gets hurt.

That would definitely wake you up on your morning commute and it got me thinking. Is that even legal, to own a kangaroo?

Shockingly, the answer is kind of.

Each state is different. Take Washington State, you need a permit.

Sarah Johnson via Canva
Kangaroo permit prototype

But over in Wisconsin, they are totally ok to own one.

West Virginia and South Carolina as well are able to own a kangaroo without a permit.


If you were curious about Australia, being that's where kangaroo's come from. You can only own one in Victoria, it can't be wild and you need a license.

Now, if you were to randomly come across a kangaroo, here's what you need to know

Side note: Kangaroos are vegetarians so you don't have to worry about them eating you but if they feel threatened or they are convinced you've got food that you aren't sharing with them, that's when issues arise.

Stay safe and always be on the lookout because you never know what you're going to see in beautiful Washington State.

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