The cost for prom can really start to add up for students. A few hundred dollars for a dress, plus the cost of shoes, hair and makeup. Then there's the tickets and dinner, tux rental, corsage ...

But an English teacher at Davis High School is trying to help her students attend prom -- affordably. Tiffany Spencer is collecting dresses and tuxes to help out students. She's collected a few already, but is in need of more.

She's aware of the financial struggle many of her students face, but doesn't want that to stop them from experiencing an important high school milestone.

You can drop off your donated dresses and tuxes at Davis High School until April 13. They're also looking for hairstylists, barbers and makeup artists to donate their services for prom on May 5.

Give that prom dress or tux hanging in the back of your closet new life.

You can call Tiffany Spencer at 509-573-2539 or email her at for more information.

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