There is a social-distanced homeschool prom coming up on Saturday, April 23 for homeschool students in the 9th to 12th grades. The theme is "A Starry Night" and the event includes a live DJ, desserts, a photographer, and many whimsical decorations to make your homeschool student's prom dreams come true.

This reminds me of the fond memories of my own high school prom. I was 29 years old and my "date" was a freshman at Naches Valley High School. This was back when it was "cool" for high school students to ask "famous people" to be their prom date. Remember when Moesha actress and singer, Brandy, had asked Kobe Bryant to be her date and he said yes? Wasn't that so cool! Anyway, a couple of years after I had moved to Yakima (in 2002), one of our radio listeners, Anthony, rang up the station hotline and asked me to his prom in Naches.

I laughed my a** off, but I finally told Anthony that if he really wanted me to be his date to prom he had to still follow prom protocol. He needed to get permission from my parents first. My father had passed away in 2003 so he was unfortunately not alive to see his little "baby girl" go to prom, so I asked Anthony to call my mom, who lives in Nashville, TN. We called up my mom on the air and I told her what was going on. She was shocked and had a fit of laughter. I half-expected her to give Anthony a hearty, "HECK NO!", but she ended up saying yes!

Anthony was the perfect prom date. He gave me a corsage and he coordinated his tux to my formal prom dress. Since I had never been to a prom before, I didn't know what to expect when I arrived at the Naches Valley High School Prom. The theme was "Viva Las Vegas" so there was a smorgasbord of mock roulette tables, poker games, "casino dealers", and Vegas-style buffets for the kids. I was expecting to see students playing the card games with Monopoly money, but nope, they were playing with real money! I looked around to see if any teachers were watching the shenanigans but they were playing along, too! I was taken aback by how much it seemed to feel like I was in the real Vegas, but I quickly relaxed and had a blast. Best prom ever!

While thousands of parents were scrambling around in 2020 and 2021 trying to decide whether or not their children would be able to survive taking their schooling online depending on their school districts, Yakima Valley homeschool parents were probably sitting around laughing their heads off at the commotion. I bet they threw back their heads in laughter and yelled out, "NEWBIES!" Homeschool parents all over the Valley have for years become completely used to their children studying at home and taking online classes and attending social-distanced extra-curricular activities and dances.

If your child would like to attend the 2021 semi-formal/formal Homeschool Prom, you can RSVP here as soon as possible to reserve your spot. Donations will be taken at the door in lieu of a cover charge and students are encouraged to bring their dancing shoes and a potluck dish to share. Face masks are encouraged but not required to attend.

Get more information here but it is recommended to call Mary Garent at (509) 853-9889 to see if there is still availability for your homeschool student to attend!

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