Show of hands of all the people who have gone into the holidays with an "I will stick to my diet, can-do" attitude? I am willing to bet that most people's hands are probably up in the air -- and they should be, because it's a good goal to have.

But as great of a goal as it seems to be, a lot of people are only hoping that they will stick to their diets. Deep down inside they know they will stray. In fact, 47% of us know that we will stray from our diets and enjoy the nearly 20,000 calories we'll likely ingest in booze and food. So what will we stray for? I am glad you asked. The majority of people will break their diet for things like cookies, pies, cakes or home-cooked buttery meals.

Hey, who could blame them?

There is hope, though, for those who want to at least attempt to stay on the course of healthy eating. Instead of the normal stuffing, you could opt for an apple and herb stuffing instead. Have a nice side of roasted veggies with red potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and Brussels sprouts, but if you are a lover for all things drizzled, you could go with a nice vegan gravy instead of the standard heavy-in-fat turkey gravy.

Believe it or not, there is actually a healthier way to approach the widely loved green bean casserole, and to be honest, this exact recipe will be gracing my Thanksgiving table.

If you aren't crazy about mashed potatoes but would like to see them on the table, try out some mashed cauliflower instead!

We cannot forget about dessert! Do you love apple pie but know that one piece will lead to three? Try a blooming apple! Need that pumpkin pie fix but you are on a keto diet? Have no fear, keto pumpkin pie is here! You could even take your dessert a little different and check out these apple nachos!

What healthy recipes grace your table at Thanksgiving when you are trying to watch your diet?

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