If you're anything like me you live on the food network, and your favorite show is Diners Drive-Ins and Dive. Guy Fieri has made a living off of finding some of the most delicious spots around the country, so why not come to Yakima?

We have the perfect spots for him to check out if he ever gets the chance, if you think of a spot we don't mention on this list then make sure to shoot us a message so we can add it to the list. We'll even send this to his Twitter to make sure he sees it!

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Miner's Drive-in Restaurant

Of course, we can't make this list without Miner's, burgers the size of your face, and fries that put the bigger chains to shame. If they grab a milkshake too it's game over, Guy Fieri won't know what to do with himself.

Sweet Bee's

If you live in Yakima and you still haven't been to Sweet Bee's you need to stop what you're doing (After finishing this article) and go pick up some of the best breakfast you'll have in Yakima. Friendly staff, fresh food, and delicious desserts to take home. Their breakfast scrambles are out of this world and their omelets are unrivaled. If you want your tastebuds thanking you for the rest of the day this is the place to go.

Main Stop on the Ave

Of course, we can't finish this without one of the tastiest spots in the Yakima Valley and that's Main Stop on the Ave. One of the first weeks I moved here I kept hearing "Main stop on the Ave is the best." "Main Stop has the best food." "Have you been to Main Stop on the Ave yet?"

Of course, we went. Go figure I was in for a surprise, all the hype around this restaurant and it still blew my socks off. Seriously the waiter had to find them for me. They have everything Breakfast and Lunch, including omelets, steak and eggs, burgers, and a lot more.

I'm honestly a huge stickler when it comes to chicken fried steak. Not everyone can do it right but everyone thinks it belongs on their menu. Not the case with Main Stop on the Ave. The best Chicken Fried Steak I've had and it was right here in Yakima.

If Guy Fieri knows what's good for his taste bud's well be seeing these spots next season on Diners Drive-ins and drive!


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