A new survey asked people with tattoos if they regret them... and around HALF of people said yeah, they've got one or more they don't like.

The types of tattoos they're most likely to regret are: Someone's name, an Asian character, a tribal pattern or a star constellation.

I have three tattoos on my body. One on each forearm and one on my right shoulder blade. I totally regret the one on my right shoulder blade. I got it when I was 21 after a long night of drinking and thought it was the COOLEST thing ever. My nickname in my teens & early 20s was "G-Dawg." So I got the tattoo of a dog. Why the bulldog? No reason ... no clue. He's holding a bat because I was into baseball and he's got blue jeans because I loved the color Blue. I just really dislike the whole tattoo now. I guess there's a decent story behind it, but still... I just hate the look of it.  Plus, I haven't been called "G-Dawg" since 2005 LOL!

Do you have a tattoo you regret?

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