If you're a gamer in the Yakima valley, you have to check out these 6 games that are hosting special Halloween events this year. Whether you play on PC, console, or on your mobile phone everyone gets something special.

Check out the list below and get ready for some scary fun in a virtual world, you're sure to be in for a special scare this year!

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6.) Animal Crossing

If you're a fan of the Nintendo Switch you'll be excited to learn Animal Crossing is doing a huge Halloween event, releasing new items into the game to make your home extra spooky! All you have to do is have Animal Crossing and make sure it's been updated!

5.) Apex Legends: Monsters Within

If you're a fan of Battle Royal get ready for one of the top games in the gaming community. Watch out for plenty of scares and enjoy new skins and items you can only get during the Monsters Within Halloween Event.

4.) Pokemon Go Halloween

Go on a ghost hunt around Yakima and catch exclusive Pokemon only available till the end of October. Including a special spooky Pikachu and Piplup just waiting to be added to your Pokedex. While you're at it take down some Team Rocket grunts for a chance at special Halloween Items.

3.) Destiny 2: Festival of Lost Halloween

The free-to-play game is a huge shooter RPG letting you go all around the universe to discover new life and explore unseen worlds. Now you get the chance to dive deep into a world of horrors, unlocking new skins, and weapon cosmetics you can only get until the end of October.

2.) Fortnite : Fortnitemares

Get exclusive content in the world of Fortnite during their special Halloween event, it looks like this is the biggest Halloween event they've had yet with more cosmetics than ever for guns, skins, tools and emotes! Unlock special missions the more you play and earn rewards for a fun Halloween experience.

1.) Call Of Duty Warzone: Haunting Of Verdansk.

This free-to-play Battle Royal took the world by storm with last year's Halloween event but this year was a little different. Drop into a giant city at night and fight your way thru other players, ghosts, jump scares, and hallucinations as you play. You can even get exclusive skins, guns, stickers, and a whole lot more by playing thru the event. You can even get your hands on a Ghostface, from scream, skin, and play as the 90's movie killer in-game. You can also unlock Frank The Rabbit from Donny Darko along with cosmetics for the guns to fit the movie.

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