Downtown Summer Night is back people, are you ready Yakima Valley?

What is Downtown Summer Nights?

Downtown Summer Nights (DSN) is a weekly block party on Historic North Front Street in the heart of Yakima. This FREE 10-week get together features live music, craft beverages, and food.  Each week two bands perform live for FREE.

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Where is Downtown Summer Nights Located?

North Front Street between Yakima Ave and Pendleton Way (just outside of North Town Coffeehouse) in Yakima, WA

What Time?

The Beer Garden opens at 5:30 pm, the live music begins at 6 pm and wraps-up at 9 pm

Can You Buy Food There?

Oh, yes! And that's not all! There will be craft vendors there and if you are old enough to try the moonshine, try the moonshine! Most vendors take cards or cash, there is also access to an ATM and a misting station for those hot summer nights!

Should I Bring My Own Chairs?

There are spots on the stairs to camp out, if you get there early but if you do have folding chairs, bring them and grab a seat right up in the front. There's a chance for you to get up and dance if you want or just stay seated and enjoy the show!

What is the Schedule for Downtown Summer Nights?

Thursday June 9th 2022 M-Status / Michael Carbrera

Thursday June 16th 2022 Norman Baker & The Backroads / Little Reprise

Thursday June 30th 2022 Jayleigh Ann & The Lost Boys / Hunter Stiles

Thursday July 7th 2022 Yogoman Burning Band / 47th Parallel

Thursday July 14th 2022 Miller Campbell / eM'nCee

Thursday July 21st 2022 Fat Bottomed Band / Alex Ashley

Thursday July 28th 2022 Dimestore Prophets / Stephanie Anne Johnson

Thursday August 8th 2022  Englewood Heights / Michael Cabrera

Thursday August 11th 2022 Wasteland Kings / 47th Parallel

This is a great time to interact with the community, enjoy some fantastic local and national bands while tasting some of the Yakima Valley's best foods, beverages and events!

Special thanks goes out to the Downtown Association of Yakima, Cashmere Valley Bank, volunteers and many more sponsors who aid in putting this on for the community!

Downtown Summer Nights of Years Past

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