I love Duck Tape but I never suspected that the use of duck tape could get your kids $50,000 in scholarship money!

I am blown away at some of these creations and the winner's outfits are crazy good and worth $50,000!

The Annual Stuck At The Prom contest has been going on for several years 

It's hard to imagine that many colors of Duck Tape, but the company now has over 250 colors and patterns to choose from.

The Stuck At The Prom contest is now accepting entries and applications until May 31st 2017.

Here's a quick video with all the details.

According to the Duck Tape website, "It challenges high school students to create DIY prom attire using Duck Tape for a chance to win scholarship cash. Over $50,000 is awarded each year, with the Grand Prize couple earning $10,000 each."

The creations are insanely creative and I'm sure 2017 entries will be even more creative.

Heck, they even got a Project Runway star to promote using Duck Tape in fashion.

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