We received this request for a Public Service Announcement earlier this week and thought it was definitely worth sharing:

"Hello, my name is Alexis Clausing,
I am currently enrolled at East Valley High School here in Yakima, Washington. I am also enrolled in the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC).
We do many fundraisers to help our program over the year, such as car washes, potato feeds, and taco feeds.
Over this summer we have been doing some car washes in the Terrace Heights area! We do these to gain money for expenses during our school year.
We use the money to help us go to our drill meets, where we compete against 16 schools every month for a weekend.
The fundraisers also help us with our uniforms, helping us all look as a whole.
In past years we have also gone to the JROTC Raider National Championships in Molena, Georgia.
Last year we took 1st in the Gauntlet, one of the five events for the championships and we hope to go again this year!
I am contacting you in regards of helping our JROTC Battalion get more notice to help us raise more money for this upcoming year.
If it wouldn't be too much to ask, could you help our JROTC group get noticed?
Thank you so much!"

If you would like to help these aspiring young members of our community, or simply have a dirty car, visit them at the following:


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