There's a nifty restaurant that just opened in Yakima that's right at the tip of the runway so you can enjoy your meal while watching airplanes come and go.

Reno's on the Runway is exactly that. Some dude named Reno and the place is on the runway. Perfect!

The menu offers a variety of options from sandwiches to salads and even has plenty of items you can take to go if you're in a hurry. The inside of the restaurant is nice as it features model planes and photos of Yakima's airport from the past. In fact, the building is located at the original location of the Yakima airport terminal. Neat!

I ordered the Reno, which was a tasty sounding sandwich on the menu and it was just that. In fact, with it split in half and with the chips placed in the slice it even resembled an airplane.

If you're in the area, just a little bit south of Washington on 16th, it might be worth stopping in.

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