Every year the local high schools do fundraising efforts through their Mr. [insert school here] campaign. Mr. Ike, Mr. Davis, Mr. West Valley and so on. One of the popular fundraisers are doing restaurant takeovers where by simply eating out or grabbing food to-go you can help support these schools. Ike is doing a MOD Pizza takeover today (Thursday, January 26) on at Rainier Square on Nob Hill. You don't have to worry about cooking or doing the dishes all while helping out our Ike students and helping support Children's Miracle Network. Sounds like a win-win.

To ensure the proceeds go to the Eisenhower students for the fundraiser they ask you to print this out and bring it in. I have a feeling they're already aware and have something at the cash register so you can just tell them as well, but here's this just to be safe. Taken straight from the IKE Facebook page.

ike mod fundraiser

They'll have more fundraising efforts throughout the next few weeks as well. Keep an eye out or contact your school directly to see other ways you can help support our kids and the fantastic Children's Miracle Network which directly supports Yakima's Children's Village, Yakima Pediatrics and more.


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