Last night I attended the MOD Pizza takeover along with Eisenhower High School for their Mr. Ike pageant. It was a wonderful turn out. Thank you everyone who attended. I never need a reason to visit MOD Pizza as I'm a fan to begin with but anytime I can eat delicious food with cool people and it helps support our local area people through fundraising efforts, I'm all for it.

The beautiful thing about MOD Pizza is they just go down the line asking what toppings you want so you get it made the way you want including toppings that may seem unfamiliar to many like broccoli or different types of cheese. A lot to choose from.

Once the pizza is finished they can then top it off on top of the cooked pizza with a few different types of drizzles, if you so desire.

I desire.

There's a few options to choose from including pesto and buffalo sauce (like they use for hot wings) but my favorite is definitely the hot honey.

I can't tell you what I love about this so much. I would've never thought to add honey to pizza, let alone hot honey.

It's not that the honey was heated up or anything, but this honey is infused with a chili oil or something that makes it just that much better, especially for a pizza. It's not super spicy but has just enough kick to make you notice it's there. Sure, it may make your pizza stickier than you anticipated but next time you're at MOD Pizza, opt for the hot honey at the end. It's my favorite.


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