Working from home takes some getting used to, unless you were ALREADY doing it. A new survey talked to over 3,000 people who worked from home before the crisis hit. Here are eight pieces of advice they had for newbies . . .

Most common advice - Don't forget to take breaks. Find the balance of being productive and moving your body as you work. Set reminders on your devices to move every hour.

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Develop a routine. You can relaly be productive if you dive into a routine. If you have a distraction, it will help jump back into it. Work with purpose. Don't just drift through every day without a plan.
Create a home office space. It doesn't have to be a separate room. Even your kitchen table is better than working from bed. Make it YOUR space! Make it your own!

Don't stay on your computer when you take breaks. Give your eyes a rest, and your muscles a chance to stretch. Your eyes can become strained staring at a monitor all day. Take breaks to rest your eyes.

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Set clear boundaries between work and play. Do your best to separate your free time from your work hours. Meaning specific start and end times.

Don't watch TV. A lot of people in the survey said it's important to avoid distractions. Plus, TV rots your brain. On the other hand, radio makes you smarter – according to my grandmother.

Get dressed. This is totally phsycologial. Dress for success. It's hard to get in the right mindset if you're always in pajamas. Allow yourself to succeed with the right mode of dress.

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Go outside and get some vitamin D! Your body needs and is hard to get it inside. Get outside to reset and recharge for 10 minutes. Its good for you helps you be productive!