A recent poll has revealed the top 32 MOST annoying complains by neighbors! If you have ever shared a wall with neighbors, this poll will surely remind you of that one time, that one neighbor who did that one thing. Or even If you have shared a property line, we all have those neighbor pet peeves that light our rant fires.

I remember when I was renting a townhouse here in the valley, my neighbor's kids would run rampant on the stairs and it would drive me nuts! A few years later my kids where finally old enough to run crazy, and it would stress me out so much because I knew how my neighbors were feeling -- but worse, what I thought they were thinking. In those moments I realized how I felt toward my old neighbors and I felt horrible!

The poll shows that the five most annoying complaints by neighbors are:

  1. Loud music
  2. Loud voices (adult)
  3. Loud partiei
  4. Parking Issues
  5. Loud pets

See? We aren't alone in the frustrating neighbor department. The poll goes on to share the top 10 ways that neighbor conflicts are dealt with.

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