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We're experiencing a heatwave this week and you might be tempted to stay at home and chill out in front of the fan or air conditioner and watch something on the telly. Why not instead think of someone else besides yourself and be a good neighbor?

What made me think of this is when I came home from work on Monday. I was pulling my car into the carport to park and go inside where it's cool. I saw one of my elderly neighbors out for an afternoon stroll. I don't know her name but I always bid her a friendly hello and a wave from my car when I see her.

After I got out of the car, she was only a few steps away from my car. She stopped walking and turned to look at me. She said hello and I asked her how she was doing and if she needed anything. Mind you, I have no idea where she lives but I would drop everything I was doing in a heartbeat to help out an elderly neighbor if they needed something. She told me she was just fine and she grabbed her walker and kept on rolling down the alleyway. That got me to thinking, there are 3 things each one of us can do to be a good neighbor this week during the heatwave.

1. Check on our elderly neighbors. See if they need a new air conditioner, a fan, or a quick run to the store for some errands.
2. Check on our elderly neighbors' pets. Sometimes their small dogs might need to go for a walk around the block or maybe you could stop by and see if you can get their pets some fresh water to save your elderly neighbor from bending over a lot in this heat.
3. Say 'Hello'. Sometimes a person just needs to have some genuine conversation with another human. You never know if your elderly neighbor is feeling lonely because they miss their grown kids who may not have called to check up on them in a while.

You could really make someone's day just by being a good neighbor this week, so let's do it!

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