If you're a fan of the show Twin Peaks and have been to North Bend, there's one filming location that sticks out more than others in the area. Twede's Cafe (Double R Diner in the tv show) has been a staple tourist attraction and favorite diner of many locals in North Bend. Though fans may opt for a slice of cherry pie with a cup of coffee (black, of course) they feature several other menu items from burgers to breakfast and a lot more. I'm particularly fond of their french toast and apple pie. As it turns out, it was for sale and who better to be the new owners than a couple of Twin Peaks fans.

According to Living Snoqualmie, Max and Rachael Be decided to buy it. Rachael was working there part time when she learned it was for sale. What was first a 'what if' became a reality for the two of them.

They mentioned plans on updating the interior decor for something for tourists and fans of the show and make a few changes on the menu. I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

The sale happened right when the pandemic hit. Though they're still offering to-go orders, when it reopens I'll check it out.

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