Now that the Burger King on Summitview is now closed, there is lots of speculation as to what will move in to the now empty building.

The building closed on Sept 27th. Further speculation on the owners moving among other theories are being rumored in the Twittersphere. None the less, the building where your kids played at, ate chicken tenders at and where the Whopper was once King is now a thing of the past. We have the exclusive pictures of the empty building.

Courtesy of Xander Deccio/Deccio Creative

Another victim of ‘Rona some say. Let the speculation build. When we posted the news of the closure on our Facebook Page we were bombarded with ton of messages as to why it closed. You be the judge.

Karen VanCamp said “Have you been in that filthy place.. we went in before Covid.. hardly anyone in their.. yet the floors and tables were dirty.. good riddance.”

Scott Goranson noted “We stopped eating at that location. Filthy, slow service, and the sign in the window that said they didn't give refunds was a sign of management/ownership issues.”

Paul Crawford posted “Awful Burger King in Yakima. The quality is just really poor. I’m not sure if the owners are chintzy and won’t pay for good managers, or maybe Burger King is using poor ingredients or if maybe there is something else.”

Sara Puga “Not surprised!!”

Lacey Joy Ochoa shared “Good! That's one of the burger King's I wouldn't recommend. It's closest to me so convenient but every order was wrong, fries were never hot always tasted like the oil was used.”

Shawna Amaral was more clairvoyant “I had a feeling that was coming😞.”

Take a look at the exclusive pictures of the now closed Burger King. Whatever future is in stake for the building, we wish them good luck. Because we know - when one door closes, another one opens.


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