Am stoked that the Yakima is opening up again. I cannot wait to discover the hidden treasures that await.

Even though patio and outdoor seating are the options, I will take what I can get. Plus, the weather here in Yakima has been so great, why not?

Fuego 5

One of the first places I have come across is Fuego Margarita Bar on Tieton & 48th.

It's close to my place and drive by the sign daily thinking, "That place looks interesting." Since Rona, that's about 120 times I have thought, "That place looks interesting", so yeah, I was curious. When I Yelped them, Fuegos got high marks.

When we hit 1.5 last week, I made it a priority to experience it. On Tuesday, we on Facebook that they were open.

Lisa and I headed over and decided to have dinner and drinks.

Fuego 1

The staff was super friendly - almost a family like atmosphere. Know this when you go, the menus are two sided - one side for food, the other drinks. Lisa ordered Patron Mule (similar to a Moscow Mule), I got the Mojito.

The drinks were great. I also observed the other tables with what could be best described as "swimming pools", that seemed to be filling in for a margarita glass.


We enjoyed our drinks, the weather and ordered food. Fajitas were on our minds. Mom got the street chicken tacos.


The food was great. I come from California where some of the best Mexican food is available, the bar is high. Fuegos food really tasty and satisfying. The portions are also huge, so be prepared to take a box home.


I asked to see the inside of the restaurant and found the decor almost cool vibey club like. Dark interior, closed in windows, full comfy booths on the restaurant side and a full bar on the bar side. Again, the service is incredible and the food is top notch.

Fuegos is perfect for a girls night out. Safe hood, well lit. Clean and inviting.

Am putting Fuegos in the restaurant rotation. 1 down - many more to go...

It's Good To Meet You Yakima,


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