Since the pandemic it seems more and more people would rather eat at home than have a night out, honestly, we don't blame you. Sure we all still enjoy a night out, but nothing really beats taking an amazing meal home with you for everyone to enjoy.

So why not put together a list of the best places to get takeout? We decided on a few things to make this list for you, the time it takes for the food to be ready, the quality of the food, and the quantity of the food. Check out the list below and order some dinner tonight.

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5.) Gus's Pizza at Sports Center

Sports Center is an amazing place to go grab some brews and kick back whether you want to watch a game or just enjoy each other's company. One of the best things about the Sports Center is the pizza place that is connected to it, Gus's Pizza. We've actually named Gus's Pizza as one of the best pizza places in Yakima, so why not stop and grab some takeout with a pizza the whole family will love?

Gus's Pizza menu

4.) El Riconsito

Located on Nob Hill and a few other locations in the Yakima Valley, this is a perfect place to grab dinner for you and the family. It's some high-quality Mexican food that everyone will absolutely love if they haven't tried it yet, with an authentic menu and not to mention a drive-thru. However, let's be real, restaurants with a drive-thru usually don't take the time to make your meal as well as they'd like to, that's not the case with El Riconsito, you may have to wait about five minutes longer than you would at a Mcdonalds, but the wait is well worth it for the quality of food.

El Riconsito Menu Yakima

3.) Cowiche Canyon Kitchen

If you're a lover of American classics you've stumbled onto the right place. Cowiche Canyon kitchen is known for its amazing and high-quality dishes, it's one of the most popular restaurants in the valley, but it being so nice people think they don't do takeout. Well surprise, they do. They offer the entire menu when planning a takeout dinner. From Steaks, Baked Potatoes, burgers, Dips, everything. The best part is the wait time, every time we've ordered from here they've given us a 15-minute wait time until it's ready, yet every time we get there a few minutes early the food is usually ready to go. Meaning they have it down to a science in getting your food prepped and the quality is exactly the same as eating in.

Cowiche Canyon Yakima Menu

2.) Kobe Sushi and Teriyaki

Looking for the next upgrade in teriyaki, look no further because Kobe Sushi and Teriyaki offers you a great dining experience with a delicious menu. With multiple sushi choices, each one is a different experience with fresh-cut fish. Whether you enjoy spicy, mild, or just a good old fashion California roll this is the place to get it. The Bento box choices also make for a great lunch or dinner where you can mix and match teriyaki with sushi, eggrolls, and more. The wait time is the same as most about 15 minutes and the food is always hot and fresh. Making this a great place to grab your next meal on the go.

Kobe Sushi and Teriyaki online Menu

1.) Waterfire Restaurant 

Waterfire has one of the most amazing dining experiences in the Valley, so why not take it home with you? That's right Waterfire also offers takeout with their full menu. Their appetizers alone will give you an explosion of flavors, but just wait till you get to the main course. With plenty of different dishes to choose from you just can't go wrong, the wait times for pick up are also worth the wait, granted they also sit around 15-20 minutes to get your dish perfected even if it is to go. Experience some great fine dining while in the comfort of your own home.

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