The Summer Travel season is around the bend. Here is some of the latest info for you and your trip planning.

According to AAA the average price of a gallon of gas in Washington is $4.03. 7 cents higher than the national average.

AAA is looking for the average price to drop to $3.75 nationally this summer and if Washington gas prices remain at 7 cents higher than the national average, gas would cost about $3.82 this summer for drivers in the state.

The latest Washington state prices from AAA :

Bellingham $4.11, Bremerton $4.05, Seattle-Bellevue-Everett $4.05, Tacoma $4.02, Olympia $4.05, Vancouver $3.97, Yakima $4.00, Tri-Cities $4.00, and Spokane $3.94.