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Annual Vintiques Car Show takes place Friday and Saturday
This is the weekend I look forward to so I can spend time with my Dad and talk about cars from the past, what a person did to their classic car to make them more than cool! If you love cool classic cars in all shapes and sizes, You will love what is going on this weekend the Annual Vintiques Car Sho…
Movies that inspires that feeling of “ROAD TRIP”!
Every once in a while, we heed the call of the wild and hit the paved ribbon of roads that might finds us on the famed Route 66 or Highway 101 or even standing on the corner of Winslow, Arizona. Such A fine sight to see...(you finish the rest of the lyrics)...
$6.00 Per Gallon!! WTH!?
Planning to hit the road this summer? Keep your eye on the AAA's fuel gauge report at, which takes the daily temperature of gas prices around the nation.